Services & Approach

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CSS Strategies is a strategic business consulting firm supporting the private and public sectors with four key building blocks which form the core consulting operating activities:

  • Acquiring outstanding pricing and quality procurements/acquisitions with maximum efficiency;
  • Executing mission critical programs/projects on time, at projected cost and delivering “as promised” new value and quality;
  • Focusing on enterprise mission and refining organizational structures and staffing responsibilities to ensure competitive operational and bottom line performance; while
  • Ensuring full value realization from information technology programs and investments.

This is based on the premise that the business environment is always changing and of course the government looks to their industry partners to be flexible, to be intelligence gatherers, and to have an adaptive approach to an issue or challenge. Therefore, my role as business advisor is to assist you in being able to relate how you will provide the government real results by providing tangible results, functional expertise, and strategic definition with metrics.

Our Strengths

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An experienced senior business advisor and seasoned independent consultant at your service is the new model.

The strategic business consulting model supports you, the client, with the flexibility of connecting you with the right people, contracts, or partnerships by project or by work product.

We assist you in building the key building blocks which will form the core consulting activities and knowledge that you will need to continue to grow and nurture your government relationships.

CSS Strategies will build upon their extensive network and introduce you, the client, to the federal department’s key senior executives and managers.

These relationships build upon and transform the communications and connections with aspects of the four key building blocks:

  • Information technology
  • Procurements/Acquisitions
  • Programs/Projects/Mission
  • Organizational Structures and Staffing