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Sara Schroerlucke’s federal government career spanned over 35 years, during which she served in various leadership positions. Ms. Schroerlucke served her last nine years for the government at the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protections (CBP) as the ACE Program Manager, Director for the Northern Border Programs, and as the Aerostat Project Manager. She is a seasoned federal employee who is known for her innovation, change management, team building, motivation, and sound business sense.  Her organizations have always been responsible for providing cost effective services and information technology that helped the officers and agents in the field get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively.

Ms. Schroerlucke worked for several government agencies in which she served in various leadership positions; i.e., program management, acquisition, information technology, management analysis/studies, human resources, and financial management and force structure/manpower. Earlier in her career, she was a junior and senior-level information technology specialist for the Office Secretary of Defense/Washington Headquarter Services, Office of Secretary of the Army (Information Management Center), Chief of Staff of the Army (DCSOPS), and a management analyst at the Department of Labor (DOL) with the Office of Job Corps, branch chief for Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an associate Director with Secure Border Initiative Acquisitions Office, Chief Procurement Officer/Office of Procurement Operations, and the DHS US-VISIT Program Office. She also served as the Acquisition Director for the US Patents and Trademark Office, CIO, and returned to DHS in March 2008 with the Office of Procurement Operations to serve in the capacity as the Chief of Staff.

As a senior leader in the federal government, she became a member of and continues to be involved in various organizations: IAC/ACT, AFFIRM, Government Technology & Services Coalition, Executive Women in Government, Women in Technology, Federally Employed Women (FEW), and attended Leadership in a Democratic Society at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI). She recently joined the Women’s Club in Summerlin which holds charitable events to fund children’s foundations in Southern Nevada and the Mesquite Women’s Club. Ms. Schroerlucke is also very active in her son’s school activities and home and school association.

Sara holds a Master of Science in Administration, with a concentration in Information Resource Management from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resource Management. She also owns two businesses, CSS Strategies and Wind8Water Feng Shui.  When she retired from the federal government she moved from Alexandria, VA to Las Vegas, NV, her hometown, to be with her elderly mother and family. She is currently establishing herself in the community as it has changed since she lived there several years ago. She has a wonderful husband, a 12-year old son, and a 95-year old mother. Ms. Schroerlucke is fluent in Spanish.